Functions of the Board – As to development generally :

To monitor and review private sector development;
To advise the Minister and Cabinet on policies and means to encourage development through private sector investment;
To promote and encourage the efficient and sustainable utilisation of resources by the private sector;
To liaise and co-operate with Government agencies and other sectors of the community in planning and encouraging development and in facilitating the streamlining of processes in the development sector;
To develop and provide such services to assist, facilitate and co-ordinate investment, trade and business development.

 As it is to apply to investment :

To promote, facilitate and coordinate private sector development and investment;
To encourage, monitor and regulate foreign investment;
To advise the Minister and Cabinet on policies and strategies to encourage investment in desired or priority development areas;
To promote the Cook Islands as a desirable and attractive investment area;
To assist, facilitate and co-ordinate the speedy and efficient processing of investment proposals.

 As it is to apply to trade :

To advise the Minister and Cabinet on measures to ensure the optimum benefit to the Cook Islands from trade;
To promote and encourage exports from the Cook Islands and trade within the Cook Islands as well as the development of industries and businesses involved in export or trade
To promote and facilitate public and private sector co-operation for the development and expansion of export and trade;
To give advice to and liaise between the appropriate Government departments and agencies and the private sector in respect of any matter concerning the taxation, fees, import duties and levies effects of duties, levies, fees and tariffs which may be an impediment to or desirable for increased export and trade or for the regulation thereof.

As it is to apply to business :

To provide business training in business skills and the provision of advisory and other business services to assist Cook Islanders to develop businesses and to acquire business skills;
To encourage assist and facilitate the private sector to provide and undertake the training of Cook Islanders and to further their skills and qualifications through in-house training programmes, scholarships and trade training within the Cook Islands and overseas;
To promote and foster the participation by Cook Islanders in the ownership, management and other financial benefits arising out of business generally.

Cook Islands BTIB - go local day at local market Rarotonga

What is the process and why do I have to REGISTER ?

WHY Invest in the Cook Islands

The Cook Islands has a Government that  welcomes and encourages local and foreign investment

  • The Cook Islands has an attractive Life-style and operates in a relaxed and safe environment
  • A highly developed infrastructure for business, quality housing for expatriate staff and good health and education services
  • No Foreign Exchange Controls
  • Freedom to repatriate capital and profits
  • No Wealth Tax
  • No Gift Tax
  • No Property Tax
  • No Capital Gains Tax
  • No Death Duty Tax
  • Income Tax (company) 20%
  • Value added Tax - 15%
  •  Sophisticated telecommunication links with the rest of the world

Who are the BTIB and what is their role?

Their functions include: Development, Investment, Trade and Business to and within the Cook Islands .

Their head office is in the town area of Avarua and are open Monday – Friday

Location   Opposite the Punanga Nui Market in Avarua Rarotonga

 The B.T.I.B is responsible for the promotion of trade, investment and business in the Cook Islands, the promotion and monitoring of foreign investments and to encourage the participation of Cook Islanders in trade investment and business.

The Cook Islands has a Government that  welcomes and encourages local and foreign investment

Registration Process with the The BUSINESS TRADE INVESTEMENT BOARD ( B.T.I.B )

For those who would like to start or own a business in the Cook Islands, you will need to register with the Business Trade Investment Board for Foreign Enterprise registration.

The BTIB Board grants the necessary approval to carry on business in the Cook Islands.

The BTIB (the Cook Islands Business Trade Investment Board)  is a government funded agency that operates under the Development Investment Act 1995-96

The Cook Islands has a Government that welcomes and encourages local and foreign investment