Motel for sale in Cook islands Real Estate

​JJ'S RETREAT  - home and income

Located 600 meters in land in the quiet location of Rutaki is a purposely built , small and friendly retreat known as JJ's , with no other accommodation providers in this location. The section is 4,489m2  and has a clear flowing permanent stream on one side and a quiet back road which joins the main ring roads . Property comes with a 2 bedroom open plan house + 2 very modern rental units ....more details ...

NZD $820,000.00

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Home for Sale on Rarotonga Cook Islands Real Estate

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Home for Sale on Rarotonga Cook Islands Real Estate

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​ENOKA - home and income

Located 200 meters in land off the backroad - town location  A 4 bedroom ,2 bathroom home , with three  units already in place and ready for rental . There is a huge workshop in place that can be easily converted to an additional 2 bedroom rental unit....more details ...

NZD $740,000.00

​Aitutaki ESCAPE - absolute luxury on the beach

 Aitutaki Escape was developed with one thing in mind, to provide an Intimate, private environment being the "Best of the Best, luxury accommodation, previously unseen in these islands 


currently in receivership

​IKURANGI 'eco' RETREAT -  Boutique Tourism Resort   

A unique small lifestyle resort which is returning a healthy 10%on the proposed  investment and ready to move to the  next level.
If you are seeking the perfect lifestyle opportunity in one of the world’s fastest growing tourism sectors (and destinations) – this may well be for you!
Environmentally conscious buyers should apply for details
......more details

NZD $789,000

Motel for sale in Cook islands Real Estate
Home for Sale on Rarotonga Cook Islands Real Estate


 These very well presented Holiday Homes offer luxury accommodation and are ideally located in the highly sought after Muri region - now known as the tourist hub of Rarotonga . There are two homes on the one section and both are of exceptional quality.....more details...

NZD $690,000 


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As this site grows there will be the addition of such discussion topics like Best Real Estate markets in the Cook Islands, Boutique hotels for sale Rarotonga and sections dedicated to Cafes for sale, Bars for sale Restaurants for sale, Taverns for sale just for the Rarotongan market and possible one for Aitutaki as well as Atiu. Cook Islands Real Estate is locally known already as the local Resort Brokers and Lodge Brokers as well as their tourism brokers. For some their search terminology of Motel Brokers or Cook Islands Motel Brokers as well as Boutique Motels for sale Cook Islands has landed them on our site.

Carey Winterflood and Peter Heays have the local knowledge and we can help you, should you have questions on Cook Islands Immigration or wanting more info on tourism opportunities especially in the hospitality industry or for Cook Islands boutique accommodation opportunities, boutique Motels for sale as well as Boutique Hotels for sale, most of which are located on Rarotonga. C.I.R.E is well known as the local Motel Brokers, and have firsthand experience in running, owning and operating these establishments here on Rarotonga. General speaking, we have these listed together as Commercial Real Estate Cook Islands. For most we are their first contact as their international Hotel Broker, and as their lead in to the Cook Islands Immigration rules and regulations

 To explain the use of terms such as My tourism broker or your tourism broker may not be useful, so we have tried to cover requests and search terms as broad as possible when searching for Lodges for sale or B&B for sale, as these could assist in someone looking for a Backpackers for Sale in the Cook Islands. These would possibly be better represented with a search for tourism properties for sale or simply Cook Islands Real Estate Agents better known as Destination Cook Islands. Aitutaki is also listed as being in the top 10 vacation destinations in the world.

​THE COOKS OASIS -  Boutique Tourism Resort   ...Offer Presented - offer accepted 6th Dec 2017...

9 tourism rental apartments + 2 bedroom owners accommodation  Rarotonga - Cook Islands

Set on 1131 sq. meter section and access (via a dedicated R.O.W)  to a white sand beach and clear blue lagoon ( no road to cross! ).....more details


A two bedroom home with a self contained, one bedroom cottage located on the south coast and short walk to magnificent white sand beach...(more...)

NZD $600,000.00

​ATIU - home and commercial building on one section

A two bedroom home with a similar styled building that was previously used as an arts and craft shop and for takeaway foodlocated on the beautiful island of Atiu and only one km from the post office .(more...)

NZD $260,000.00

Motel for sale in Cook islands Real Estate


Main road location, high traffic area and high visibility business. Ideal owner operator

.......more details

NZD $300,000

Ultra luxury holiday beachfront VILLAS for sale in Cook islands Real Estate
Ultra luxury holiday beachfront VILLAS for sale in Cook islands Real Estate
Eco Retreat For sale in Cook islands Real Estate
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Motel for sale in Cook islands Real Estate


Suitable for residential, warehousing, factory, retail or any development requiring high traffic main road profile and beachside uses. Would suit tourism accommodation or a mix of all of above .....( more) 

NZD $1,500,000.00