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 This site is English based in terminology, so the use of such terms as Realtor, Real Estate, realty, villas and rental villas, hotels, motels and the generic term of accommodation complexes seen and used here on a regular basis. As our site becomes more global in its customer base, then we will blend in such terms as Casa, condos, mortgage and mortgagee sales, reit, immo and immobilien for uses to explain the rental properties, rental properties, beachside rental properties that are more widely understood in the Latin speaking countries.

The usual terms of Villas, place, properties, or property for sale in the Cook Islands and Rarotonga will be the base language, however as we become more international known then terminology such as studio, house and homes, apartment and accommodation ventures, homes for sale Rarotonga and businesses for sale Cook Islands and Rarotonga real estate markets are becoming too narrow, but still a good base to build upon.

To Date our primary search terms for the first 10 best remain as Cook Islands Business for sale, followed by Cook Islands Real Estate and Cook Island business for sale. Noting that the third search term uses the Cook Islands in a singular form. House for sale Rarotonga and houses for sale Rarotonga, again using the plural and singular terms. Rarotonga homes for sale and Rarotonga Realty show a more specific search for this island alone, as opposed to using the Cook Islands in the greater term. Real Estate Cook Islands is down at Number 8 but when searched as Cook Islands Real Estate which comes in at number two. Business for sale Cook Islands and then followed by Businesses for sale Cook Islands complete the 10 best search terms. Number eleven takes on a different face altogether and is ‘can a new Zealand resident buy a house in Rarotonga’ – that answers is yes,  it may be possible in some circumstances , however best to email us so we can discuss in more detail

As this site grows there will be the addition of such discussion topics like Best Real Estate markets in the Cook Islands, Boutique hotels for sale Rarotonga and sections dedicated to Cafes for sale, Bars for sale Restaurants for sale, Taverns for sale just for the Rarotongan market and possible one for Aitutaki as well as Atiu. Cook Islands Real Estate is locally known already as the local Resort Brokers and Lodge Brokers as well as their tourism brokers. For some their search terminology of Motel Brokers or Cook Islands Motel Brokers as well as Boutique Motels for sale Cook Islands has landed them on our site.

Carey Winterflood and Peter Heays have the local knowledge and we can help you, should you have questions on Cook Islands Immigration or wanting more info on tourism opportunities especially in the hospitality industry or for Cook Islands boutique accommodation opportunities, boutique Motels for sale as well as Boutique Hotels for sale, most of which are located on Rarotonga. C.I.R.E is well known as the local Motel Brokers, and have firsthand experience in running, owning and operating these establishments here on Rarotonga. General speaking, we have these listed together as Commercial Real Estate Cook Islands. For most we are their first contact as their international Hotel Broker, and as their lead in to the Cook Islands Immigration rules and regulations

 To explain the use of terms such as My tourism broker or your tourism broker may not be useful, so we have tried to cover requests and search terms as broad as possible when searching for Lodges for sale or B&B for sale, as these could assist in someone looking for a Backpackers for Sale in the Cook Islands. These would possibly be better represented with a search for tourism properties for sale or simply Cook Islands Real Estate Agents better known as Destination Cook Islands. Aitutaki is also listed as being in the top 10 vacation destinations in the world.


Raro AirCon is a well establish company. Hi visibility and ideally located  on the main road at Tupapa,  parking/reception area, large indoor workshop and a covered external work area.




BUSINESSES and commercial PROPERTYfor sale.

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Air conditioning business for sale, Rarotonga Cook Islands Real Estate

TIK-e TOURS - Unique Transport Business

 Utilizing  electric ( Tuk Tuk ) vehicles for eco-friendly tours, airport and accommodation transfers as well as being increasingly popular as wedding transport.  Added to the Tuk Tuk offerings are the ever popular e-bike rentals.


MARLN QUEEN - Fishing Charter

Your dream opportunity to purchase a fishing charter business. Marlin Queen is now for sale. Come and live in this tropical paradise. Owner is retiring and this business now available.

Don’t be just a fisherman. Become the BOSS and get paid for what you enjoy.

commercial PROPERTY for sale

Air conditioning business for sale, Rarotonga Cook Islands Real Estate
Local Cook Islands dancers


Iconic Cafe, High profile with plenty offstreet parking is ideally located within walking distance from the Rarotongan International airport, next to a busy car rental depot and the Rarotongan RSA club. .(more...)

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BOUTIQUE ACCOMMODATION COMPLEX commercial property for sale

A stunning complex is based in Muri Beach, This beautifully located tourism property is comprised of four elevated one bedroom cottages and a refurbished three bedroom plus two-bathroom home...

.......more details

Motel for sale in Cook islands Real Estate
Home for Sale on Rarotonga Cook Islands Real Estate

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Home for Sale on Rarotonga Cook Islands Real Estate
Air conditioning business for sale, Rarotonga Cook Islands Real Estate


RaroShack is the Premiere Mobile, tablet & phone repair service of the Cook Islands and strategically located in the main town area of Avarua.

RaroShack is an authorised SAMSUNG service centre for the entire Cook Islands and supplier of Brother printers and toners.(more...)


If you compare New Zealand oceanfront (i.e. Absolute beach front) or Australian ocean front ( beachside or near beachside residential property ) to that of Muri beach properties or Arorangi beachfront land and homes, waterfront sections or even the beach resorts of Rarotonga, Aitutaki, Atiu , then comparing how much you can purchase, that is, how far can your dollar go , then the Cook Islands is second to none in affordability and cost effective beach front living or beach front property . It is still possible to purchase vacant section of land, vacant land vacant blocks of land, to build your own ocean beach resort or front road real estate.
Carey Winterflood and his team at Cook Islands Real Estate are the premium leaders in sourcing and providing high quality professional realty service on Rarotonga and throughout the Cook Islands.

With over 30 years combined experience. We have international clients that have sourced real estate and businesses via our local company and have had huge success assisting clients from all over the globe with their needs in purchasing a perfect dream pacific island investment, second home or first business acquisition. CookIslands RealEstate focus is to get you the very best result via our realty expertise, energetic and professional staff and local knowledge with such government departments as the Cook Islands Business Trade Investment Board ( B.T.I.B ).  A fully trained and trusted and supported by the local Cook Islands people, combining local and expert knowledge. We specialise in residential homes on Rarotonga and Aitutaki and commercial property, in the main town area of the Cook Islands CBD and country regions, tourism investments ranging from luxury, over water bungalows and resorts, businesses from entry level to major tourism resorts and over water bungalows on white sandy beaches, vacant sections of land, from bush retreat to eco-friendly undeveloped eco-retreats. We provide the very best service, advice and recommendations leading you from the initial contact assist you through each stage of the selling and the buying process from initial enquiries right through to the to completion and settlement of your property or business purchase.

Some suggestions can be from Sunrise Bungalows on Rarotonga sunrise side or Rarotonga’s sunset side of the island. Imagine yourself waking to the sounds of the surf on the white sandy, absolute beachfront shores of Muri Beach in your private overwater bungalow. We do not have Pacific islands for sale per se , but Rarotonga is a pacific island nation consisting of 15 inhabitant islands ( and many uninhabited islands ( one in particular had a hermit – an island to oneself – Tom Neal ) spread across these absolute pristine and magnificent coral islands and volcanic island jewels of Polynesia.

Moving to the Cook Islands can be a little daunting, however the owners of Cook Islands Real Estate have preceded you in doing this we have local knowledge and can guide you through this process, it is more a check list and we can help you every step on the way ( you will be one step ahead by contacting Cook Islands Real Estate Limited )

Keep in mind that outside of Rarotonga, the other closet islands being Atiu and Aitutaki are ideal for exploring. Holiday home on Aitutaki and holiday home on Atiu should be considered as tourism and tourist demand a more adventurous holiday destination, particular Eco Travel, eco-tourism (green holidays, Eco friendly holiday destinations in the South Pacific, have been highly sought after

Look for these other topics soon to be explored and expanded on.

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