This could be one of the last available BEACH-SIDE sections that we may see in this location-Western, sunset side. (Rarotonga -Cook Islands)
Ideal location for building or developing.
Put your own stamp on a commercial operation such as tourism rental accommodation or a chance to own and build your dream home on a large beach-side section.

Absolute beach-side vacant sections of this size are so rare to find now-a-days and there will be a run on this when the word is out.

Being a half acre section there is plenty of development opportunities for a private home or multi unit resort style bungalows or a mixture of both.

Good swimming area right at your door step  and located in a prestigious neighborhood with beautiful and magnificent properties in the immediate area


Location                                Arorangi - Beachfront
Island                                    Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Section size                          2,135 sq meters
Property Type                       Vacant Section
Price                                     NZD $ 399,000
​Access to beach                    Yes
​Remaining lease period        Till 2064

Name of section                    Kiri Sect 88E Arorangi

​Uses                                      Residential, commercial and agriculture purposes


enua Kiri Sect 88 arorangi

Enua Beautiful   2135 sq meter beachside section     Lease till 2064


Arorangi is one of the five districts that make up the island of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. It is located in the west of the island, to the northwest of the district of Titikaveka, and southwest of the district of Avarua.  Rarotonga is the most populous of the Cook Islands is stunning in its natural beauty and physical drama. A halo of flame-orange coral reef encircles the island, and Rarotonga’s sapphire-blue lagoon is trimmed by sparkling white beaches. Beyond the reef, breakers foam and crash like distant thunder.

Rarotonga’s settlements are nestled on the coastal flatlands, with the island rising spectacularly through lush fields and rural farmland to the mountainous and thickly forested interior. These silent, brooding peaks dominate the landscape from every angle.

Rarotonga has plenty of history, too, with ancient marae (traditional meeting places) and monuments to explore, and some of the best-preserved coral churches in the South Pacific.

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