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ENUA Te Paepae Nui TUAVARU  Section 59 Arutanga -Aitutaki   1,318 sq m vacant section 
Flat section inland on Aitutaki  
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ENUA MATAIRA  (Pt Sect 2) Aitutaki     4,903 sq m vacant section 
One of a kind - ideal for home and income or a mix of both    
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NEW:   ENUA MATAETURAU - AITUTAKI  4,555 sq meters

Located waterfront and with natural beauty - virgin bush and waterfront setting. A blank canvas - for residential , commercial or agriculture

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Enua Rangikomo Nikao NEW:   ENUA RANGIKOMO Sect 106E2B Avarua

Located inland, yet close to town, schools and convenience stores - virgin bush.  A blank canvas - for residential , commercial or agriculture   .... more.... 

Cook Islands Real Estate , Resort Brokers Cook Islands
Cook Islands Real Estate , Resort Brokers Cook islands, Rarotonga

ENUA TEITI  Tuaau (Vaipae) Sec 33B Aitutaki     4,057 Sq m vacant section 
 Area is underdeveloped and has tall grasses and mature trees over most of it
Rectangular in shape

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AITUTAKI Section  Tuarea + Niukura Pt Sect 57   2,416 Sq m vacant section 
Flat section inland on Aitutaki  
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ENUA Te Atu Motu   Section 150 Anaunga -Aitutaki   615 sqm vacant section 
Flat section inland on Aitutaki  
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NEW:   ENUA TOTOKOITU -  4,013 sq meters

Located inland in complete natural tranquility - virgin bush setting and running creek forms part of this absolutely, one-of-a-kind, section, over one acre 

VENDOR SEEKING a Joint Venture ( J.V) arrangement

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NEW:   ENUA TAKITUMU -  3,459 sq meters

Uniquely located in the “winners circle” at Titikaveka
Amazing building site(s) of 3459 sq. m  (over 3/4 acre)
Gently sloping site with some mature trees and a stream.
Main road and side road accesses.
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  this page is for  vacant land   for sale.

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ENUA KAIONU  Pt Section 208  ARUTANGA   1,785 Sq m vacant section 
Flat section inland on Aitutaki  
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Cook Islands Real Estate

Akaea Section 22 Anaunga Aitutaki;  Is located just off  the main road and is located between the  Pacific Resort and Tamanu and about 100 meters from the Abera Villas (  if going toward the airport)
There is quite a large Volcanic rock/hill at the back of that section that will also provide a land mark.
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Aitutaki Vairoro section 70 AITUTAKI Section  Vairoro Pt Sect 70   2,964 Sq m vacant section 
Flat section inland on Aitutaki  
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Cook Islands Real Estate

your leading Realty specialist on RAROTONGA AND AITUTAKI - COOK ISLANDS  Cook Islands Real Estate     Real Estate Cook Islands    Cook Islands Resort Brokers

 This site is English based in terminology, so the use of such terms as Realtor, Real Estate, realty, villas and rental villas, hotels, motels and the generic term of accommodation complexes seen and used here on a regular basis. As our site becomes more global in its customer base, then there will be the need to blend in such terms as Casa, condos, mortgage and mortgagee sales, reit, immo and immobilien for uses to explain the rental properties, rental properties, beachside rental properties that are more widely understood, particularly with our Latin speaking clients

The usual terms of Villas, place, properties, or property for sale in the Cook Islands and Rarotonga will be the base language, however as we become more international known then terminology such as studio, house and homes, apartment and accommodation ventures, homes for sale Rarotonga and businesses for sale Cook Islands and Rarotonga real estate markets are becoming too narrow, but still a good base to build upon.

To Date our primary search terms for the first 10 best remain as Cook Islands Business for sale, followed by Cook Islands Real Estate and Cook Island business for sale. Noting that the third search term uses the Cook Islands in a singular form. House for sale Rarotonga and houses for sale Rarotonga, again using the plural and singular terms. Rarotonga homes for sale and Rarotonga Realty show a more specific search for this island alone, as opposed to using the Cook Islands in the greater term. Real Estate Cook Islands is down at Number 8 but when searched as Cook Islands Real Estate which comes in at number two. Business for sale Cook Islands and then followed by Businesses for sale Cook Islands complete the 10 best search terms. Number eleven takes on a different face altogether and is ‘can a new Zealand resident buy a house in Rarotonga’ – that answers is yes,  it may be possible in some circumstances , however best to email us so we can discuss in more detail

As this site grows there will be the addition of such discussion topics like; the Best Real Estate markets in the Cook Islands, Boutique hotels for sale Rarotonga and sections dedicated to Cafes for sale, Bars for sale Restaurants for sale, Taverns for sale just for the Rarotongan market and possible another for Aitutaki or even  Atiu. Cook Islands Real Estate is locally known already as the local Resort Brokers and Lodge Brokers as well as their tourism brokers. For some their search terminology of Motel Brokers or Cook Islands Motel Brokers as well as Boutique Motels for sale Cook Islands has landed them on our site.

Carey Winterflood and Peter Heays have  local knowledge and can help you (they live here on these islands and speak from first hand knowledge), should you have questions on Cook Islands Immigration or wanting more info on tourism opportunities especially in the hospitality industry or for Cook Islands boutique accommodation opportunities, boutique Motels for sale as well as Boutique Hotels for sale, most of which are located on Rarotonga. C.I.R.E is well known as the local Motel Brokers, and have firsthand experience in running, owning and operating these establishments here on Rarotonga. General speaking, we have these listed together as Commercial Real Estate Cook Islands. For most we are their first contact as their international Hotel Broker, and as their lead in to the Cook Islands Immigration rules and regulations

 To explain the use of terms such as My tourism broker or your tourism broker may not be useful, so we have tried to cover requests and search terms as broad as possible when searching for Lodges for sale or B&B for sale, as these could assist in someone looking for a Backpackers for Sale in the Cook Islands. These would possibly be better represented with a search for tourism properties for sale or simply Cook Islands Real Estate Agents better known as Destination Cook Islands. Aitutaki is also listed as being in the top 10 vacation destinations in the world.

Cook Islands Real Estate

ENUA TEITI  (Section 8) Aitutaki     1,349 Sq m vacant section 
Te Turuma Pt Sect 8 Amuri  AITUAKI  
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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Residential Land, Vacant land and Residential Homes are only available to Cook Islanders and qualified Permanent Residents (P.R.'s) or those Non-Cook islanders that are already here and operating a registered business. NON-Cook Islanders  must first purchase an existing business as our our initial way of entry to these islands.  Then,  after being here for a period of time we can explore residential property purchases.  There are some exceptions, e.g. forming a J.V. with a local Cook islanders...PLEASE REVIEW this link...FAQ's... for more on this process and please feel free to pass thru any questions so we can explore further ...or EMAIL from here...