Bedrooms                       4

​Bathroom                     2 + one guests bathroom

Guests rest room         1

Lounge rooms              2

Garage                         2 car

section size                  4 acres

Furniture                      included

Gymnasium                  included

Asking Price                NZD $1,750,000

Remaining lease        FULL- 60 years

Building and Construction
House Style: Ranch
Wood Floor: Yes
Tile: Bathrooms/Kitchen

Rear - Block and Cement Foundation
Front - Wood Framing on Post and Pier

Completion Date: October 2000

House Measurements
Total 648 sq m (6972 sq f)
Interior 269 sq m (2895 sq f)
Ocean Decking 192 sq m (2067 sq f)
Back Patio 105 sq m (1130 sq f)
Garage 52 sq m (556 sq f)
Nursery 30 sq m (323 sq f)



Fully furnished 4 bedroom ranch style home features prominently on this 4 acre  property.  This home captures the expansive views of the Pacific Ocean and out over the tops of swaying coconut palm trees that rim the coastal beaches of the Cook Islands.

This beautiful house introduces with a foyer and high ceilings;  an entertainer’s delight with separate guest bathroom, large living room, formal dining room, family room, office and a large open kitchen with separate pantry, laundry rooms.
Set on 4 acres (16,000 sq meters) of gentle sloping land looking out to the ocean beyond.

The Property
This visually stunning property was designed and developed by top consultants to the tropical fruit industry who have worked in Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand.  Basking in the sunny southwest region of Rarotonga, your senses will be tuned into the sights and sounds of being on a #TropicalIsland.

The fully furnished 4 bedroom ranch style home features prominently on this the property.  This elevated part of the property enables the capture of expansive views of the Pacific Ocean and out over the tops of swaying coconut palm trees that rim the coastal beaches of the Cook Islands.

The large balcony is the perfect outdoor place to entertain your family and guest, overlooking the entire orchard and ocean views beyond.  The sunsets are numerous and ever changing throughout the seasons.

Flowering plants are mixed with various palms in the many gardens surrounding the home, adding colour to the green foliage of the island.  Flowers are abundant for making fresh floral arrangements to grace the interior, another visual element of living in the tropics. Your privacy is provided for by the windbreak trees lining the boundaries - never able to block the views.   Wander through acres of mature  #TropicalFruitPlantation that comes as an added bonus with this home .

Can be an ideal  self-supporting  #B&B  OR  #HealthRetreat

Imagine waking each morning to glimpse the sun rising above the coconut palms and staring out to the Pacific Ocean beyond before exploring the 3 acres of tropical fruits to discover and pick the fresh bounty as each day dawns
- it doesn't get better than this -

The kitchen has all the necessary commercial equipment that you will need right from day one


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Arorangi is one of the five districts that make up the island of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. It is located in the west of the island, to the northwest of the district of Titikaveka, and southwest of the district of Avarua.  Rarotonga is the most populous of the Cook Islands is stunning in its natural beauty and physical drama. A halo of flame-orange coral reef encircles the island, and Rarotonga’s sapphire-blue lagoon is trimmed by sparkling white beaches. Beyond the reef, breakers foam and crash like distant thunder.

Rarotonga’s settlements are nestled on the coastal flatlands, with the island rising spectacularly through lush fields and rural farmland to the mountainous and thickly forested interior. These silent, brooding peaks dominate the landscape from every angle.

Rarotonga has plenty of history, too, with ancient marae (traditional meeting places) and monuments to explore, and some of the best-preserved coral churches in the South Pacific.

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