Location                           Avaavaroa in the village of Vaimaanga
Island                               Rarotonga Island
Bedrooms                        3 (in total)

Bathrooms                       2 (in total)
Property Type                  Residential and commercial. Currently use : short term vacation rental
Land size                         1,000 m
Price                                OFFER ACCEPTED - OFFER ACCEPTED
Carport                            no

Swimming Pool               no
​Access to beach             200 meters (2 min walk)
​Remaining lease period  Till 2054

NIRVANA RENTAL : home + income, Rarotonga

Nirvana Rental is made up of a 2 bedroom open plan home offering a very private location and is just a 2 minute walk to the beach. Added is a one-bedroom fully self contained cottage on site.This cottage is beautifully appointed.  Located on the Southern side of Rarotonga at Avaavaroa in the village of Vaimaanga. 200 meters from one of Rarotonga's most spectacular beaches. Guests are treated to panoramic plantation and mountain views.
This bungalow features a lovely garden view from a private patio. Includes a fully equipped kitchen, complete with kitchenware, a microwave,fridge, private bathroom, shower and toilet.


Doing business OR living on Rarotonga-Cook Islands:  The Island of Rarotonga is the most populous island of the Cook Islands, with a population of 10,572 (census 2011),[1] out of the country's total resident population of 14,974. Captain John Dibbs, master of the colonial brig Endeavour, is credited as the European discoverer on 25 August 1823, while transporting the missionary Rev. John Williams.

The Cook Islands' Parliament buildings and international airport are on Rarotonga. Because it is the most populous island, Cook Islanders may often be referred to as Rarotongan, but they may come from one of the other 14 islands in the group, such as Aitutaki or Mangaia. Rarotonga is a very popular tourist destination with many resorts, hotels and motels. The chief town, Avarua, on the north coast, is the capital of the Cook Islands.

The volcanic island of Rarotonga stands over 14,750 feet (4,500 meters) above the ocean floor. It is 32 km (20 miles) in circumference and has an area of 67.19 km2 (26 square miles). At a depth of 4,000 m (13,000 ft) the volcano is nearly 50 km (31 miles) in diameter. Te Manga, at 658 m (2,140 ft) above sea level, is the highest peak on the island.

The island is surrounded by a lagoon, which often extends more than a hundred metres to the reef, then slopes steeply to deep water. The reef fronts the shore to the north of the island, making the lagoon there unsuitable for swimming and water sports, but to the south east, particularly around Muri, the lagoon is at its widest and deepest. This part of the island is the most popular with tourists for swimming, snorkeling and boating. Agricultural terraces, flats and swamps surround the central mountain area.

Along the southeast coast off Muri Beach are four small coral islets within a few hundred metres of the shore and within the fringing coral reef.

Motutapu, 11.0 hectares (0.042 sq mi)
Oneroa, 10.6 hectares (0.041 sq mi)
Koromiri, 3.0 hectares (0.012 sq mi)
Taakoka, 1.7 hectares (0.0066 sq mi)

The interior of the island is dominated by eroded volcanic peaks cloaked in dense vegetation. Paved and unpaved roads allow access to valleys but the interior of the island remains largely un-populated due to the rugged terrain.

A large tract of land has been set aside in the south east as the Takitumu Conservation Area to protect native birds and plants, especially the endangered kakerori, the Rarotonga flycatcher.

 Nirvana rental home - titikaveka , rarotonga

Cook Islands

2 bedroom home + cottage