​      Asking price           NZD$ 309,000.00    includes the business, vehicles, tools, workshop, existing                                                                           clientele  and  your right to come and live and work in this                                                                           paradise island of Rarotonga


  • Established clientele            
  • Solid and consistent working relationships with domestic and commercial customer base
  • Purchase Includes delivery vehicle, van and motor bike
  • Retail outlet with workshop and lunch/break room
  • Generous handover period provided.
  • An assured future, income and enviable lifestyle
  • New owners of this business will enjoy residency and working rights in the Cook Islands.


RaroShack is the Premiere Mobile, tablet & phone repair service of the Cook Islands and strategically located in the main town area of Avarua. RaroShack is an authorized SAMSUNG service centre for the entire Cook Islands and supplier of Brother printers and toners.

Firmly established and well organized workshop located on the 2nd floor of the ( high profile ) INGRAM HOUSE  building. Currently opened Monday to Friday and then Saturday at the bustling Saturday market just across the road..
This business comes with existing and repeat clientele a 7 seater van, sedan car and motor bike, as well as all the specialized tools and equipment. You can be in business from day one , with customers on your doorstep and enjoying a business and lifestyle that you have always dreamt of ...





The number one Mobile, Tablet & phone repair service in the Cook Islands

Rarotonga is the capital island of the Cook Islands and has the largest population. The encircling lagoon is a major tourist draw for Rarotonga and there are many resorts all the way around the island. The most popular areas are the south-eastern corner at Muri where the the lagoon is deep enough for good snorkelling as well as the south and west coasts.
    The island's present-day name stems from 'raro' meaning 'down' and 'tonga' meaning 'south'. The most popular version of its origin is that the famous Tahitian navigator, Iro, visited it once and some years later while on Mauke he met Tangiia who asked where he was going. Iro replied: 'I am going down to the south.' The Samoan voyager, Karika, is also reputed to have called it Rarotonga when he first saw it from the north-east because it was to leeward -- 'raro' -- and towards the south -- 'tonga'.
    In 1997 Japanese archaeologists unearthed a previously unknown 'marae' -- sacred site -- on Motu Tapu, an islet in the lagoon at Ngatangiia. This is estimated to be 1500 years old which would put settlement much earlier than the legend of the arrival of Kainuku Ariki. Based on the evidence of fires, archaeologists have estimated that there was human life on Rarotonga about 5000 years ago.

RAROTONGA is the youngest island in the Cook Islands southern group and is physically unlike its other volcanic neighbors where erosion and periodic submersions have reduced mountains to gentle hills. Rarotonga's central massif is the eroded remains of a once mighty volcanic pyramid whose crags now form sawtooth peaks and razorback ridges covered with tropical jungle. These are separated by streams running down steep valleys.

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