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Cook Islanders seeking a Foreign Investors - Joint Ventrure partnership

The Cook Islands BTIB (Business Trade Investment Board) actively encourages Joint Ventures with Cook Islanders and the greater the participation of Cook Islanders the greater the opportunity for approval as an Investor in the Cook Islands.

Please refer to the Investment Code Order 2003 for more information on Joint Ventures.


Cook Islands Real Estate are happy to advertise a Joint Venture (JV) opportunities on our website. This may work in two ways:

  1. Cook Islanders seeking foreign partnership; or
  2. Foreign Investors seeking a Cook Islands partner(s)

The (Cook Islands) Business Trade Investment Board is located in Avarua - Rarotonga and has been established to encourage, and assist, foreign direct investment into our country. As a business partner you'll find a stable and growing economy, a transparent and simplified regulatory environment, a government committed to private sector-led growth and above all, friendly, skilled and supportive people.

Take a moment of your time read how the Cook Islands  B.T.I.B. team can help you with investment opportunities.

B.T.I.B. - ' Business Trade Investment Board ' encourages business growth in the Cook Islands.    They are here to help your business grow."
Their services:

Foreign Investment Registration – receive and consider all foreign investment proposals and provide information and advice for all investment projects.
Investment Facilitation – provide links between foreign investors and potential Cook Islanders.
Targeted Investment Promotion – provide advice on priority investment areas in tourism, agriculture and marine resources.
Approval to Lease Land – approval may be granted to a foreign investor (following a qualifying period) to lease land in the Cook Islands for a maximum of                                                                  60 years.
Import Levy exemptions – exemptions granted for assets, equipment and materials required for the establishment of a new business and/ or expansion of                                                                 an existing business.

Trade exports – liaise with industry sectors to assist with the development of potential products for export markets.

Domestic trade – assist local suppliers, to develop products for supply to the domestic market.

Policy advice – assist with policy development to stimulate and encourage private sector entrepreneurship.

Business development – provide business training courses, business plan workshops, mentor programs and networking opportunities for local businesses.

Outer Islands development – facilitate the Outer Islands Development Grant Fund (OIDGF) to encourage business in the Outer Islands.

Funding options – provide advice on finance packages, grants, development funds and technical assistance options.


seeking joint venture arrangement


Cook Islands

UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY to be involved in the COOK ISLANDS and beyond

A new start up local business in the Cook Islands is looking for an investor to complete the final stages of an exciting business development.

The product is both unique and innovative, ready for the local, regional and international marketplace. 
Expressions of interest are sought from serious investor(s) only.

For more information, contact via email to acsitiki@gmail.com


Types of Joint Venture (JV)

  • Project-Based Joint Venture.
  • Functional Based Joint Venture.
  • Vertical Joint Venture.
  • Horizontal Joint Venture.