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The how to, when you are wanting to relocate to the COOK ISLANDS,

Rarotonga or the outer islands

Can anyone buy a Business in the Cook Islands?

YES THEY CAN !: There are no restrictions on who can make an application to purchase a business, however, there is an application (and approval) process and I can show you how and what needs to be done. 
NB: It should be understood that only Cook Islanders can start up a ‘NEW’ business in the Cook Islands. Non-Cook Islanders are restricted to purchasing an existing business ‘that is available ’For Sale’ as their initial way of entering the Cook Islands. (some exceptions listed below **) 
There is an application process for doing this – and this is part of the free service that Cook Islands Real Estate Ltd offer to those wishing to come here.
Once you have been successful in purchasing a business, you will then be given the necessary government approvals to come and live here

This is the easiest and most straight forward way of entry if you are looking to come and live in the Cook Islands. 

** There are other ways for Non Cook Islanders to be able to enter the Cook Islands 

Some alternatives can be
(a) Form a J.V (Joint Venture) with a Cook Islander, where the Cook Islander is a majority shareholder in a local company.

‘Joint Ventures with Cook Islanders are encouraged and the greater the participation of Cook Islanders the greater the opportunity for approval as an Investor in the Cook Islands’. 

(b) Identifying a business venture that is outside that which is considered to be in the reserved investment areas:- i.e.: Some areas of investment are reserved for Cook Islanders only. Feel free discuss these points further with you Cook Islands Real Estate contact 

‘There is a policy on Foreign Investments for use by Investors, Government Agencies and the Community at large. The Code provides for sectors of the economy and specific business activities reserved for Cook Islanders only. Where the proposed Investment activity is reserved for Cook Islanders, the Investment Code outlines the exceptions under which a Foreign Investor may qualify to invest in the reserve sector. 

For more on this please discuss with your Cook Islands Real Estate representative

Can anyone buy a house or a vacant section of land  in the Cook Islands? 

Technically only those with direct Cook Island family blood lines or those with Permanent Residency (P.R.) status or those with a Cook Islands registered company can purchase the lease on a residential property in the Cook Islands. If you do not fall into these above 3 categories, there are other legal approaches that you can explore so that you come and live here in Paradise . Eg. You can partner with a local Cook Islander or enter into a joint venture arrangement, or you can purchase a business that is already listed for sale. By purchasing an existing business, this then satisfies the criteria of having a Cook Islands Registered Company, and from there you can explore residential property acquisition. 

See our business listings (on TOP Nav Bar ) for businesses that are currently for sale.

constantly  dreaming  of moving, or relocating, to the Pacific - looking for a safe haven and A lucrative investment opportunitY.   wanting to escape from the 9 to 5 grind ??? 

Where do I start ?      WHAT are the steps ?

The Cook Islands are a group in the South Pacific Ocean approximately south west of Tahiti and due south of Hawaii.

Local time is 10 hours behind GMT, 

The legal system is based on British common law and closely reflects that of New Zealand and other common law jurisdictions. The Cook Islands enjoys a highly developed infrastructure for business. There is a well-educated English speaking labor force. The country has sophisticated telecommunication links with the rest of the world and convenient air services to New Zealand and the US. There are no foreign exchange controls with complete freedom to repatriate capital and profits. It boasts the highest GDP per capita amongst the South Pacific small island nations. 

The business and official language is English, with Cook Islands Maori as a second official language.