Arorangi is one of the five districts that make up the island of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. It is located in the west of the island, to the northwest of the district of Titikaveka, and southwest of the district of Avarua.  Rarotonga is the most populous of the Cook Islands is stunning in its natural beauty and physical drama. A halo of flame-orange coral reef encircles the island, and Rarotonga’s sapphire-blue lagoon is trimmed by sparkling white beaches. Beyond the reef, breakers foam and crash like distant thunder.

Rarotonga’s settlements are nestled on the coastal flatlands, with the island rising spectacularly through lush fields and rural farmland to the mountainous and thickly forested interior. These silent, brooding peaks dominate the landscape from every angle.

Rarotonga has plenty of history, too, with ancient marae (traditional meeting places) and monuments to explore, and some of the best-preserved coral churches in the South Pacific.

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NB: A Tapere or Sub-District is a low level of traditional land subdivision on five of the Lower Cook Islands (Rarotonga, Mangaia, Aitutaki, Atiu, and Mauke), comparable to the ahupua'a of the main Hawaiian Islands. Among the populated raised islands, only Mitiaro is not subdivided into tapere. The remaining southern Cook Islands, Manuae, Palmerston and Takutea are atolls and/or uninhabited, and therefore not subject to this type of traditional subdivision. The atolls of the northern Cook Islands are subdivided into motu (populated atoll islets), instead.
A tapere is a subdivision of a district (the major island subdivision) or puna, which is headed by a district chiefs or Pava (in the case of the Island of Mangaia). A tapere is normally headed by a mataiapo (a chief of a major lineage) or ariki (a High Chief, the titular head of a tribe). It is occupied by the matakeinanga, the local group composed of the residential core of a major lineage, plus affines and other permissive members
Most of the tapere lands are subdivided among the minor lineages, each of which was headed by a rangatira or kōmono, or by the mataiapo himself.
Below that level, there is the uanga, the extended family, the residential core of which occupied a household
Historically, taperes were almost always wedge-shaped - the boundaries beginning at defined points on the outer reef and running inland to enclose an ever narrowing strip of land until converging at a point in or near the center of the island. By this type of delineation, any one tapere included every category of soil type and land surface of the island, from the typically mountainous interior, where forest products were collected, through fertile valleys where the major food crops were grown, across the rocky coastal strip of elevated fossil coral (makatea), out to the lagoon and fringing reef.


CORAL SANDS apartments  




Coral Sands Apartments opened in late 2012 and has proven to be a popular choice for holiday makers and business people, seeking privacy, quiet, and quality accommodation near the beach. 
It is constructed with high quality furnishings and fittings. Built to an equivalent of a (New Zealand) 4 Star rating - self catering.
Very low maintenance and easily run, meaning there is plenty of free time for working owners to enjoy the Rarotonga lifestyle. The return on investment is a very good 10% plus.
This complex is near new and immaculate in every way. It is the envy of many property owners on Rarotonga and enjoys a high guest returnee rate. Those facts speak for themselves..
Perfect for a buyer who wishes to stamp his/her own personality on Coral Sands and yet enjoy the relaxed lifestyle that is Rarotonga..
Full training available, if needed.



*Asking price           NZD $1,385,000.00  ( offer presented )

* No of units                     7 self contained + laundry

​* Swimming Pool           Yes, lagoon style pool and sun lounging area

* Level, 1000 sq meter (1/4 acre) section         

* Established  gardens              

* Solid and consistent working relationships with traditional and web based travel professionals and tourism promoters - world wide 

* Amazing industry reputation (awards, reviews and international media recommendations)

* Social media accounts with high traffic and engagements resulting in on going occupancy increases

* Trip Advisor Certificates of Excellence

* Enviable returnee guest rates

* The easily maintained buildings and grounds are in exceptional condition

* An assured future, income and enviable lifestyle

* New owners of this property will enjoy residency and working rights in the Cook Islands.